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Vice President Bawumia advocates for digitalization at eCedi Hackathon Awards

December 15, 2023
Vice President Bawumia advocates for digitalization at eCedi Hackathon Awards
Vice President Bawumia eCedi Hackathon

Vice President has emphasized the pivotal role of digitalization in addressing Ghana's developmental challenges.

Speaking at the 's (BoG) maiden eCedi Hackathon Awards in , the Vice President commended the government's commitment to digital initiatives over the past seven years, highlighting the transformative impact on efficiency and productivity.

The eCedi Hackathon Awards, organized by the Bank of Ghana, aimed to recognize innovative solutions based on the Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) and encourage collaboration between technology and finance experts.

Vice President Bawumia asserted that Ghana's development could be accelerated and the welfare of its citizens improved through the widespread adoption of digital solutions.

He applauded the government's reliance on local talents in implementing digitalization initiatives and expressed excitement about harnessing technology's power to address the country's developmental issues.

The event, more than an awards ceremony, was described by the Vice President as a celebration of Ghana's capacity to co-create innovative solutions using digital technology.

He highlighted significant investments in national infrastructure, including the National Identification and Digital Address Systems, e-government services, and digital financial platforms, laying the foundation for inclusive economic development.

Dr Bawumia noted the success of the platform, a collaborative effort among Ghanaian FinTechs, allowing citizens to access various government services online.

He outlined the benefits of digitalization, including improved processes, easy service access, enhanced compliance, efficiency, and transparency in sectors like health insurance renewals and licensing applications.

The government's national digitalization agenda seeks to promote the adoption of digital technology across sectors and regions.

The Vice President expressed confidence in the achievements of local talents and their contributions to the national digitalization drive.

The eCedi Hackathon Awards recognized innovative solutions, with Forward Titans winning the overall prize of GH¢ 500,000.

Nokofio secured the second position with a prize of GH¢ 300,000, and Pay Code came third, receiving GH¢ 200,000. Each of the ten finalists was presented with a certificate.

The event highlighted Ghana's commitment to digital transformation and showcased the potential of digital solutions in shaping the country's economic and social landscape.

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