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U.S. rejects Algeria’s draft resolution calling for immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas

February 2, 2024
U.S. opposes Algeria's draft resolution calling for immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas
UN Security Council

has presented a draft resolution to the Security Council, seeking an immediate humanitarian ceasefire between and Hamas. The U.S., holding veto power, opposes the resolution, contending that it would primarily benefit the Palestinian militants.

The draft, shared with the council on Wednesday, also condemns the forced displacement of the Palestinian civilian population. It reiterates the demand for all parties to comply with international law and emphasizes the necessity for full, rapid, safe, and unhindered humanitarian access throughout the entire Gaza Strip.

The move comes in the aftermath of the International Court of Justice's ruling last week, instructing Israel to take action to prevent acts of genocide but stopping short of an immediate call for a ceasefire.

While Algeria has proposed the draft resolution, it remains uncertain when or if it will be put to a vote. For adoption, a resolution requires at least nine votes in favour and no vetoes from the U.S., Britain, , , or .

In December, the Security Council passed a resolution to enhance humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip, avoiding a direct call for a ceasefire. The U.S. and Israel argue against a ceasefire, asserting that it would predominantly benefit Hamas. Instead, they support temporary pauses in fighting to protect civilians and free hostages held by the Palestinian militant group.

Earlier in December, the U.N. General Assembly, with overwhelming support, demanded a humanitarian ceasefire, a move that had been vetoed by the U.S. in the Security Council days earlier.

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