Residents of Ashaiman express frustration over unaddressed road conditions

Residents of Ashaiman express frustration over unaddressed road conditions
Ashaiman road

Despite a demonstration four months ago urging the government to address road issues, residents of the municipality in Ghana are yet to witness any improvements in road conditions.

In October 2023, residents staged a demonstration called “Fix Our Roads,” during which they blocked roads and burned tyres to demand action. However, roads connecting communities within the municipality to other areas remain in a deplorable state, filled with potholes and dust.

Areas such as Tarboline, Valco-Flats, Newtown Junction, and Ashaiman Main Road continue to suffer from poor road conditions, causing daily misery for residents and drivers alike. Drivers report increased vehicle maintenance costs due to the road's condition, while passengers experience discomfort during transit.

Despite some temporary measures like filling potholes with sand, residents emphasize that these are not long-term solutions. They urged authorities to reconstruct the roads to facilitate easy movement of people and goods.

Shopkeepers, like Mr. William Danku, express concern about the negative impact of persistent dust on their businesses, highlighting the need for urgent action to address road conditions.

Madam Sumaya Dauda and other residents highlight the socio-economic challenges posed by the combination of dust and potholes, urging the Ashaiman Municipal Assembly (ASHMA) and the government to intervene promptly.

The situation underscores the continued frustration and plea for immediate action from authorities to address the deteriorating road conditions in the Ashaiman municipality.

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