Prominent Ghanaian scientist urges women to embrace opportunities in Ghana’s nuclear power program

Prominent Ghanaian scientist urges women to embrace opportunities in Ghana's nuclear power program

Prominent Ghanaian scientist Professor Mary Boadu has issued a challenge to women, urging them to seize the opportunities presented by Ghana's nuclear power program.

Professor Boadu emphasized the need for women to actively participate in the nuclear industry, as they have historically been underrepresented in this field despite their significant contributions.

Speaking at a forum focused on Ghana's Nuclear Power program under the theme “Learning from the Japanese Nuclear Experience,” Professor Boadu highlighted the gender disparity within the industry.

She pointed out that women make up less than a quarter of the workforce in the nuclear industry worldwide, compared to their male counterparts.

Drawing attention to the achievements of women in various roles within Ghana's nuclear industry, such as research scientists, nuclear engineers, radiation experts, and lawyers, Professor Boadu emphasized the importance of increasing their numbers.

While acknowledging the positive impact made by the approximately 400 women currently working in the nuclear industry, she stressed that more must be done to achieve gender balance.

Professor Boadu called for targeted efforts to attract more women to the nuclear industry, ensuring that their voices are heard and their contributions are valued. She highlighted ongoing advocacy campaigns aimed at increasing female representation in this field.

Professor Boadu noted that when a woman speaks about nuclear energy, it encourages men to support the idea, emphasizing the significance of diverse perspectives and equal participation.

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