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National Service Personnel tasked to be disciplined at workplaces

February 16, 2024
National Service Personnel tasked to be disciplined at workplaces

Mr. Lambert Kuyorwu, the Municipal Director of the National Service Scheme (), has emphasized the importance of discipline among service personnel, especially those working in classrooms, as they serve as role models to school pupils and others in the community.

During the orientation and election of the 2023/2024 executives of the Hohoe chapter of the National Service Personnel Association (NASPA), Mr. Kuyorwu urged service personnel to adhere to workplace rules and regulations, be punctual, and follow proper procedures for absenteeism.

He highlighted various actions that could be considered offenses, including refusal or failure to participate in the NSS and lobbying to be posted to a preferred location. Mr. Kuyorwu stressed the mandatory nature of national service, regardless of whether one attended a private or public tertiary institution.

Additionally, Mr. Kuyorwu encouraged service personnel to take care of their rented accommodations and make good use of the allowances provided. He emphasized the importance of dressing appropriately for work, reporting challenges to NSS offices for resolution, and submitting monthly validation forms on time.

Mr. Kuyorwu explained the purpose of NASPA, which serves as a platform for addressing welfare issues and providing a voice for service personnel at the district level. He urged personnel to actively participate in various activities, including blood donation drives, health education, and sanitation campaigns.

Highlighting the history and significance of the NSS, Mr. Kuyorwu mentioned its establishment following the 1972 coup d'état and subsequent legislation to deploy fresh graduates to priority sectors of the economy for national development.

He underscored the advantage of receiving certification upon successful completion of national service, which facilitates employment opportunities both locally and internationally.

Mrs. Janet Valerie Datsa-Agbotse, the Hohoe Municipal Director of Education, encouraged service personnel to maintain a positive attitude towards serving the nation and to focus on their goals.

The newly elected executives of the Hohoe chapter of NASPA include Master Nelson Paramount Eli as President, Master Enyan Stanis Kwesi as Vice President, Master Abdulai Sulemana as General Secretary, Miss Mercy Adjei Adumatta as Financial Secretary, and Miss Naomi Fevlo as Women's Commissioner.

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