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National Security is not a regime – Former Coordinator Francis Poku

August 2, 2022
National Security is not a regime - Former Coordinator Francis Poku: Ghana News

Former Coordinator, Mr. Francis Poku, emphasized that National Security matters should transcend political regimes and be rooted in good governance principles.

“Governing well is critical to avoid signals that could lead to internal conflict and prevent opportunities for external extremists,” stated Mr. Poku.

He made these remarks during a Regional Meeting with the Youth on Trending Conflict Issues in the organized by the Catholic Bishops Conference under the Sahel Peace Initiative in Ghana.

Mr. Poku highlighted the imminent risk of violent extremism spillover from the Sahel region, given Ghana's porous borders with , , and Côte d'Ivoire.

He pointed out that localized conflicts, such as communal, chieftaincy, land, and intra-religious issues, could potentially be exploited by violent extremists.

The Former National Security Coordinator also raised concerns about the increasing radicalization of Ghanaian youth and attempts at recruitment into global terrorist networks like Daesh and ISIS in Libya and Syria.

To address these challenges, he stressed the need for a robust intelligence and governance architecture that upholds the constitution and prioritizes the welfare of the people to avoid social insecurity.

Mr. Poku emphasized that unemployment, drugs, and alcoholism contribute to violent extremist activities and called for pragmatic policies to engage and empower the Ghanaian youth.

He urged Ghanaians to protect the peace and tranquillity prevailing in the country and encouraged active citizen participation in governance.

“We need to enforce the ‘see something, say something' approach,” Mr. Poku said, urging citizens to report suspicious activities to the security authorities for investigation.

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