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MUSIGA Election: Musicians pledge support for Ras Appiah

MUSIGA Election: Musicians pledge support for Ras Appiah: Ghana News

A group of Ghanaian musicians has declared their support for reggae musician Ras Appiah-Levi and called on fellow musicians to vote for him in the upcoming Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) presidential election on August 8.

Ras Appiah is competing against Bessa Simons and Mrs. Deborah Freeman for the presidency.

In separate interviews with Beatwaves, the supporting musicians expressed their belief that Ras Appiah-Levi is the right candidate to lead MUSIGA.

They emphasized that the role of the MUSIGA president requires not only the ability to do the job but also the energy and capability to actively engage with the industry.

According to them, Ras Appiah-Levi possesses the qualities of a leader that would make him excel in the role.

The musicians highlighted Ras Appiah-Levi's genuine commitment to the welfare of musicians, citing their personal experiences working with him.

They believe he will be instrumental in building a vibrant music industry for the country and are confident that he is the best choice to lead MUSIGA.

One musician stated, “I am satisfied with Ras so far and will always support him in his efforts to build a vibrant music industry for the country. I think Ras Appiah is the best person to lead MUSIGA.”

Ras Appiah-Levi has received numerous assurances of support from musicians since announcing his candidacy. He has pledged to promote greater participation and transparency within MUSIGA, involving union members in decision-making processes.

If elected, his administration plans to provide free legal advice and representation on music-related issues, addressing the challenges faced by musicians and implementing policies to protect their interests.

Ras Appiah-Levi acknowledges that MUSIGA currently lacks adequate systems and structures. He intends to work diligently to improve the organization, particularly for aging musicians who may become inactive.

Additionally, he plans to initiate projects that secure the future of every musician in Ghana and advocate for the enforcement of industry policies. He aims to engage with policymakers to develop appropriate interventions that streamline business operations in the music industry.

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