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Keta and Anloga Youth parliaments warn against illegal fishing in Keta Lagoon

December 18, 2023
Keta-Anloga Youth parliament cautions against illegal fishing in Keta Lagoon: Ghana News

The and Anloga Youth Parliaments, operating under the in the , have issued a stern warning to fisherfolks engaging in illegal fishing methods in the Keta Lagoon.

The youth parliaments emphasized the severe consequences of such practices on fish stocks and human health.

Mr. Emmanuel Gameli Dovia, Chairman of the Publicity Committee, expressed concern about the increasing incidents of illegal fishing activities in the Keta Lagoon.

He highlighted the use of harmful substances and destructive methods by some fishermen to catch new fish species, posing a significant threat to the ecological balance of the lagoon.

“The Keta Lagoon fishing has been plagued with illegal activities in recent weeks, destructive fishing practices by the fishers with light, dynamites and chemicals,” stated the committee in a press release.

These activities, deemed as quick fixes by desperate fishers, are causing irreparable damage to fish stocks and jeopardizing human health.

The statement identified specific areas, including Azizadzi, Kedzi, Vodza, Adzido, and Vui in the southern part of the lagoon within the Keta Municipality, where these illegal activities persist. The Youth Parliaments called on those involved to cease such practices immediately.

Additionally, the statement appealed to assembly members, officials of the Fisheries Commission, the , and other relevant authorities to investigate and bring the situation under control.

The (GNA) reported that the recent opening of sluice bridges and sandbars at Kedzi-Havedzi allowed seawater to flow into the lagoon.

This influx caused the breeding of sea species such as crab, shrimp, sardine, and others within the lagoon. In response, fishermen, facing a pressing need to catch these new species, have resorted to detrimental methods to harvest them.

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