Filmmaker Samuel Whyte to launch Road Safety Foundation in August

Ghanaian filmmaker Samuel Whyte is set to launch a road safety campaign on Tuesday, August 12, 2023, at the Neoplan Station in .

The “Samuel Whyte Foundation”, as it would be dubbed, would undertake road safety initiatives including educational programmes, infrastructural enhancement, community outreach events, among others.

According to Samuel Whyte, the foundation would spearhead road safety campaigns focused on changing the mindset of road users for a safer environment. 

“Our efforts would be to create a positive change in road user behaviour, enhance the safety of communities, and minimise the economic and emotional burden associated with road accidents,” he said.

Filmmaker Whyte added that the foundation's core values and strategies included commitment to safety on the roads, advocacy and education of the public, innovation; and collaborations and partnerships with both local authorities and government agencies for the implementation of stricter road safety regulations and policies. 

“Also, among the top priorities for the foundation” would be gathering information through scientific research methods and analysis on safety trends, risk factors, and patterns in order to help policymakers implement more informed and data-driven decisions on road safety,” he added.

 Samuel Whyte has received numerous recognitions for efforts to keep the streets of Ghana safe and was adjudged ‘Youth Ambassador of the Year' at the 2021 African Icons Awards

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