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FDA urges event organizers and E-commerce platforms to admit only licensed food vendors

February 1, 2024
FDA urges event organizers and E-commerce platforms to admit only licensed food vendors

The (FDA) has called on event organizers and E-commerce businesses to exclusively allow FDA-licensed food vendors to advertise and sell their products on their platforms. In a statement signed by Dr. Delese Darko, FDA's Chief Executive Officer, the Authority emphasized that Food Service Establishments (FSEs) operating without valid Food Hygiene Permits (FHP) violate public health regulations.

The statement highlighted Section 130 (1) of the Public Health Act 2012 (Act 851), stating that “A person shall not manufacture for sale, sell, supply or store products regulated under this Part except in premises registered for that purpose under this Part.” FSEs include operations such as restaurants, bakeries, canteens, online food businesses, event caterers, fast-food services, and chop bars.

E-commerce businesses and event organizers are advised to ensure that food vendors using their platforms possess valid Food Hygiene Permits. The FDA stressed that only licensed food vendors should participate in events or advertise on E-commerce platforms. Applicants without Food Hygiene Permits should be directed to take immediate steps to obtain the necessary permits and undergo food safety inspections.

The FDA emphasized that ensuring only licensed food vendors operate on these platforms would prevent the risk of foodborne illnesses, guaranteeing the safety and quality of the food sold to the public. The statement also reminded the public to check the FDA website or visit their offices for a list of licensed Food Service Establishments for confirmation.

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