Coordination meeting scheduled to address dam spillage effects in Volta Region

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Coordination meeting scheduled to address dam spillage effects in Volta Region: Ghana News

Dr. Archibald Letsa, the Volta Regional Minister, has announced a crucial meeting to be held in Battor on Monday, aimed at coordinating efforts to address the challenges caused by the Dam spillage.

The meeting will bring together key stakeholders to create a coordinated response for humanitarian and relief efforts in the three Tongu districts: North, Central, and South.

Expected participants include traditional leaders, Members of , political leadership, local assemblies, and various notable individuals and institutions.

The objective is to streamline the distribution of relief items and financial donations to ensure equitable and accountable support for the affected communities.

Dr. Letsa highlighted the importance of the Emergency Operations Centre at Battor, emphasizing its role in collecting data and channeling humanitarian and relief items to benefit all affected communities. He noted the presence of two warehouses in Adidome and Sogakope for storing these essential items.

The Minister cautioned against a disorganized approach that might favor some districts over others, leading to the marginalization of certain communities.

He expressed gratitude to state institutions and the general public for their support in aiding the displaced victims affected by the spillage of the Dam by the since September 15.

As of now, more than 31,000 people have been displaced and are currently residing in 20 safe havens across the three districts, all requiring humanitarian interventions.

While supplies, including water, food, medicine, mosquito nets, cooking utensils, beddings, and buckets, have been provided, there is still an insufficiency.

The call goes out to individuals and organizations to extend their support to these displaced victims.

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