Alleged penis disappearance leads to man’s assault in Senya Bereku

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Alleged penis disappearance leads to man's assault in Senya Bereku

A man in Senya Bereku in his late 30s was brutally beaten by a group of motorcycle riders, alleging him to be responsible for the disappearance of a colleague rider's penis. The incident occurred around 10:00 PM on Tuesday, April 10th, at Zion C Basic School.

Reports suggest that a group of about 30 individuals armed with welding metals, stones, and sticks stormed the victim's residence, Mr. Isaac Saint, based on information from a ‘pragya' driver. The driver claimed that his penis vanished shortly after dropping off the victim at his home.

Witnesses described a horrifying scene where the victim was mercilessly beaten with various objects, resulting in injuries and bloodshed from his nostrils, head, and other parts of his body. Despite pleas for mercy, the attackers showed no remorse until the police intervened.

Upon police intervention, the victim was accompanied for a medical examination at the Senya Polyclinic, where it was confirmed that his penis was intact. The victim recounted visiting a spiritual healer at Jehovah El Shaddhai's 7th Day Sabbath Assembly, who prayed for him. However, the police arrested both the complainant and the spiritual healer, who are currently in custody, while the victim received treatment at the Specialist and Trauma Hospital.

Further investigation revealed conflicting accounts, with some individuals from claiming the complainant had arrived with a shrunken penis, which the pastor allegedly prayed for. However, the Acting Medical Superintendent at Senya Polyclinic, Dr. Samuel Agyapong, confirmed that the initial information was false and advised against blind brutality based on mere allegations, emphasizing the importance of medical verification before taking action.

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