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64% of deaths related to heart and cardiac arrests – CHPS zones Coordinator

April 12, 2024
64% of deaths related to heart and cardiac arrests - CHPS zones Coordinator

During a gathering convened by the Adaklu Kodzobi Community Health Management Committee in the Adaklu district, Mrs. Pearl Baah, the Adaklu District Community Health Planning Services () zones Coordinator, revealed a concerning statistic: 64% of deaths in the country were attributed to heart failures and cardiac arrests, conditions that could be prevented.

Mrs. Baah urged Ghanaians to prioritize regular healthcare access, suggesting at least monthly visits to healthcare facilities to mitigate these preventable deaths. She emphasized the importance of wellness clinics attached to health facilities, where individuals could monitor their blood pressure and sugar levels, thereby taking proactive measures towards their health.

The meeting also aimed to draft a blueprint guiding community health issues and CHPS Compound maintenance. Mrs. Baah highlighted an upcoming survey by and the on malaria causes, elimination, and prevention in Adaklu Kodzobi and Adaklu Have in May, urging committee assistance for its success.

Mr. Matthew Adam Ayamba, the Adaklu District Director of Health, expressed concern over persistently high malaria cases in the district. He encouraged the use of insecticide-treated mosquito nets (ITMN), distributed free of charge, and emphasized keeping surroundings clean. However, Mr. Ayamba lamented the improper use of mosquito nets, noting instances where they were used for non-intended purposes like fencing gardens.

To address these health challenges, Togbe Dzegblade IV, Chief of Adaklu Kodzobi, appealed for the upgrade of the CHPS Compound serving four communities with a population exceeding 5000. Additionally, he urged the government to reintroduce community fumigation alongside ITMN distribution to eradicate malaria entirely.

The meeting underscored the community's commitment to improving healthcare access and addressing preventable health issues, signaling collaborative efforts between stakeholders to enhance public health outcomes in the Adaklu district.

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