Nigeria suspends accreditation of Benin and Togo universities degrees after certificate fraud exposé

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A recent investigative report revealing dubious acquisition of degrees from in Republic has forced the Nigerian government to take decisive action in suspending the accreditation and evaluation of degree certificates from both Republic and .

The move aims to address concerns about Nigerians obtaining degrees through fraudulent means to gain undeserved employment opportunities.

The decision was announced by Augustina Obilor-Duru, the spokesperson for 's , who expressed deep concern over the fraudulent practices uncovered in the report. She stated, “This report lends credence to suspicions that some Nigerians deploy nefarious means and unconscionable methods to get a Degree with the end objective of getting graduate job opportunities for which they are not qualified.”

The suspension, effective from January 2, 2024, will remain in place pending the outcome of a comprehensive investigation. The of will collaborate with the relevant ministries in Benin and , along with the Department of State Security Services (DSSS) and the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC), to conduct the probe.

The is urging Nigerians to provide any information that could assist the investigation committee in understanding the extent of the issue and devising solutions to prevent future occurrences.

The statement issued by the Ministry highlighted the ongoing struggle against illegal institutions, both domestic and abroad, preying on unsuspecting Nigerians and individuals deliberately seeking such outlets. The Ministry and the National Commission (NUC) have consistently warned against engaging with such institutions, with periodic reports made to security agencies to address the perpetrators.

The Ministry emphasized its commitment to reviewing strategies to eliminate loopholes, ensuring robust processes and procedures to deter fraudulent practices. Additionally, decisive actions will be taken against any officials found to be complicit in these activities.

This suspension underscores the government's dedication to maintaining the integrity of educational qualifications and addressing the challenge of fraudulent degrees in the country.

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