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Mobile Money Agents in Ghana implement temporary withdrawal limit

December 1, 2023
Mobile Money Agents in Ghana implement temporary withdrawal limit

In a joint decision by the leadership of the four Agents Associations in Ghana, a temporary measure restricting cash withdrawals to a maximum of GH¢1,000.00 per transaction for all Mobile Money Agents will be implemented, effective December 1, 2023.

The move is aimed at ensuring fair compensation for the dedicated agents who play a crucial role in the Mobile Money ecosystem.

The decision, communicated through a joint statement, emphasizes the associations' commitment to engaging actively with service providers to address concerns related to commission reviews.

The associations have expressed their dedication to achieving a favourable adjustment during the one-month period.

However, if there is no resolution within this timeframe, the statement mentions the possibility of implementing further action plans.

The statement, addressed to valued customers, stakeholders, and partners, urges support and cooperation from the community to mobilize backing for fair compensation to Mobile Money Agents.

The associations emphasize that customer cooperation and solidarity are pivotal in ensuring the sustainability of Mobile Money services in Ghana.

The temporary withdrawal limit will apply to transactions across various service providers.

The associations, represented by Dela Dunstan Abotsi (President, MMAAG), Daniel Akosah (President, ABAG), Edward Ofori Agyemang (President, MoMAG), and Mumuni Abdul-Aziz (President, NoMAAG), have signed the statement.

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