NHIA CEO demands an end to illegal NHIS fees

Dr. Da-Costa Aboagye, CEO of the Authority (NHIA), has called for an immediate cessation of unauthorised charges imposed on (NHIS) beneficiaries at healthcare facilities. Addressing concerns at the commissioning ceremony of the Lower Manya NHIA District office complex in Odumase, Dr. Aboagye stressed that these fees, not sanctioned by the authority, have tarnished the NHIS's reputation and hindered its accessibility.

Highlighting the NHIS's mandate to offer financial access to quality healthcare, Dr. Aboagye condemned health facilities imposing unauthorised charges, warning of sanctions against providers violating NHIS principles. He underscored the detrimental impact of these practices on the NHIS's effectiveness in delivering affordable healthcare, urging stringent measures to uphold beneficiaries' rights and restore public trust.

Dr. Aboagye also provided insights into NHIA's efforts, citing significant enhancements in claims payment, with monthly disbursements averaging 180 million Ghana cedis. He mentioned recent allocations totaling approximately 171 million Ghana cedis, spanning various tiers and months, underscoring the NHIA's commitment to timely reimbursement.

Regarding digitalisation initiatives, Dr. Aboagye disclosed collaboration with the to issue Ghana cards to individuals aged six to fourteen years, aiming to merge NHIS membership details with the . This integration seeks to streamline healthcare access and reduce NHIS card printing costs.

Mr. Harry Thompson Baffour, Eastern Regional Operations Manager of NHIA, provided insights into the Lower Manya Krobo District office complex, emphasizing its features and the NHIA's commitment to its maintenance. Following the commissioning ceremony, Dr. Aboagye and his team visited the Okuapeman palace in Akropong for a social gathering, symbolising community engagement and collaboration.

Dr. Aboagye's call to end unauthorised charges reflects NHIA's dedication to upholding NHIS integrity and ensuring equitable healthcare access for all Ghanaians.

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