Knights and Ladies of Marshall Afforestation Project records 85 survival rate of planted trees

Knights and Ladies of Marshall Afforestation Project records 85 survival rate of planted trees:Ghana News

An impressive 85 percent survival rate has been reported for the 10,650 trees planted under the Knights and Ladies of Marshall Afforestation Project at Saint Joseph Technical Institute in Saboba, .

The Marshallan Relief and Development Services (MAREDES), the wing of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall of the , collaborated with the Institute to plant teak and acacia trees in August last year.

The project aimed to contribute to environmental conservation efforts while also aligning with Pope Francis' Laudato Si' encyclical, which advocates for safeguarding the environment.

Worthy Brother Samuel Zan Akologo, the Supreme Officer responsible for Advocacy at MAREDES, expressed satisfaction with the survival rate during a follow-up to the project site.

He highlighted the project's significance in planting 50,000 trees towards the centenary celebration of the Noble Order of the Knights of Marshall in 2026.

“This project is also about the promotion of Pope Francis Laudato Si', which seeks to safeguard and protect the environment,” stated Worthy Brother Akologo.

Although the initial target for this year was to plant 15,000 trees, only 13,000 trees were successfully planted due to a temporary shortage of seedlings at the Forest Services Division. W

worthy Brother Akologo appealed to the government and other stakeholders to support them in acquiring the necessary seedlings, emphasizing the project's alignment with the government's Initiative.

Mr. Maxwell Atingyena, Principal of the Saint Joseph Technical Institute, lauded the Knights and Ladies of Marshall for their support, including the provision of a polytank for watering the seedlings, which significantly contributed to the trees' survival.

He underscored the importance of the afforestation project in addressing furniture deficits in the school and appealed for further support in fencing the project to prevent encroachment.

The MAREDES initiative, established to harness the resources and competencies of the Knights and Ladies of Marshall since its inception in 1926, has been instrumental in various social actions, including supporting education for needy pupils, providing for the sick, and engaging in other charitable and community services across Ghana for the past 97 years.

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