Sanitation crisis grips Aboabo old lorry station in Kumasi

Sanitation crisis grips Aboabo old lorry station in Kumasi

Residents and traders at the bustling Aboabo old lorry station in are grappling with a worsening sanitation crisis, as a major drain in the area becomes inundated with filth, raising serious health concerns among locals.

The situation has deteriorated significantly, with rubbish now a prevalent issue in the area. Despite efforts by traders to maintain cleanliness, the large gutter remains filled with various forms of waste, including food packaging and rotten scraps.

The unsanitary conditions are compounded by individuals resorting to urinating in the gutters, exacerbating the unpleasant odour that affects residents and passers-by alike, posing health risks.

Traders expressed their frustrations, citing the unbearable stench from urine and the challenge of conducting business amidst the filth. They pointed out that much of the waste originates from the Alabar market, especially during rainy days.

Furthermore, residents and traders emphasized the importance of proper waste management, stating that the gutter should not be left open or exposed and must be desilted frequently to prevent such crises.

In light of these concerns, the community is calling on local authorities to take immediate action to address the worsening situation. They emphasize the need for swift intervention to restore cleanliness to the area and alleviate health risks.

The urgent plea for action underscores the severity of the crisis, with residents and traders demanding measures to resolve the growing filth crisis and ensure a healthier environment for all. They stress the importance of implementing barriers to sieve waste from the water and separate them, while also urging authorities to expedite preparations for the market relocation to provide a cleaner trading environment.

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