Gwira Traditional Council President advocates for prudent resource management

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Gwira Traditional Council President advocates for prudent resource management: Ghana News

Awulae Angama Tu-Agyan, President of the Gwira Traditional Council and Acting President of the Western Regional , has urged the government to ensure the judicious management and fair distribution of state resources to improve the socio-economic conditions of the citizens.

Speaking after the swearing-in ceremony of a new Chief of Gwira-Aiyinasie in the Nzema-East Municipality, Awulae Tu-Agyan emphasized the need for responsible resource management.

He stated, “With all the resources at Ghana's disposal, the citizenry are plagued with economic hardships and low standards of living, so our leaders must always think about the future of the country so that posterity will judge them well.”

Addressing the youth, Awulae Tu-Agyan discouraged engagement in activities, commonly known as ‘galamsey,' emphasizing its unsustainable nature.

He added, “Let me remind the youth that people have been in this galamsey business for centuries but are still where they are because it is not something that can sustain you in the long term.”

Highlighting the adverse effects of galamsey on health and the environment, he advised the youth to explore agricultural production as a sustainable means of livelihood, creating wealth for themselves and their families.

Awulae Tu-Agyan's call reflects the broader concern for responsible resource utilization and the encouragement of sustainable practices for the well-being of future generations.

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