Ghanaian Choreographer Van Calebs advocates for educating diaspora on Ghana’s dance culture to boost tourism

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Renowned Ghanaian choreographer and socialite, Van Calebs, believes that educating people in the diaspora about Ghana's dance culture can significantly enhance tourism in the country.

Having travelled worldwide for various dance shows, Van Calebs has witnessed foreigners' fascination with Ghanaian dance culture.

He highlighted the appeal of cultural dances such as Agbedza, Adowa, Kete, Apatampa, and others, as foreigners express a keen interest in learning more about them.

Van Calebs urged the government to invest in Ghana's dance culture and other cultural aspects like music to promote global awareness of the country's rich cultural heritage.

He stated, “Ghanaian dance has been a major driver of tourism for Ghana over the years, and I believe it deserves more attention, particularly in terms of its exportation.”

Van Calebs emphasized the importance of supporting cultural troupes and dance groups to perform at the highest level, allowing Ghanaian dance culture to thrive.

He also highlighted the lack of knowledge among Ghanaians born in the diaspora about their cultural heritage, particularly the dance culture.

In an effort to showcase Ghana's vibrant dance culture to the world, Van Calebs plans to host an international choreography festival later this year. The festival will feature top dance troupes from around the world, providing a platform for talent and cultural exchange.

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