Fatal accident and confrontation at Ghana-Togo border

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Fatal accident and confrontation at Ghana-Togo border
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On night, a tragic occurred near Ahamansu Junction along the Ghana- border, resulting in the death of two individuals.

The incident involved a taxi, suspected to be carrying cocoa, which collided with a motorbike carrying the two victims.

The taxi was reportedly being pursued by personnel.

The fatalities triggered a confrontation between community members and the security personnel, leading to substantial property damage.

The clash escalated to the point where gunshots were heard, and injuries occurred due to thrown stones.

During the incident, a reporter from Sankofa Radio in Ahamansu, who was covering the situation, was reportedly brutally assaulted by community members who demanded an end to his recording of the events.

Although the current status of the reporter's well-being is unclear, the situation is said to be under control.

The incident underscores the need for a comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the fatal and the ensuing clash between community members and security personnel.

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