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Engineers open Azizadzi floodgate to mitigate flooding in Keta Municipality

October 28, 2023
Engineers open Azizadzi floodgate to mitigate flooding in Keta Municipality

, – Engineers responsible for operating the Azizadzi floodgate in the Keta Municipality of the Volta region have successfully opened the sand bar, allowing the lagoon to flow into the sea without causing havoc in the surrounding areas.

The decision to open the floodgate and cut the sand bar was made in response to flooding situations in Keta, Anloga, and nearby communities, resulting from the spillage of the Dam.

Mr. Rex Edeckor, a former consultant in charge of the Keta Sea Defense project and the lead engineer for this operation, emphasized the urgency of addressing the dangerous flooding situations. He explained, “This is also done in some other countries, and our situation would not be different since the opening of the floodgate and the cutting of the sand bar is the only option.”

Mr Edeckor added that the water's flow into the sea would be closely monitored by other engineers to prevent unforeseen disasters. He reassured residents of Kedzi, Havedzi, Horvi, and surrounding communities to remain calm.

Mr Emmanuel Gemegah, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Keta, had previously discussed the plans and arrangements made to open the floodgate and sand bar to alleviate flooding challenges in the area. He also mentioned that consultations were conducted to address community concerns, particularly among residents who feared the potential impacts of these actions.

Additionally, Mr. Gemegah noted that financial plans and relocation measures were established to address any unforeseen situations. He cautioned residents and fisherfolk in the region to temporarily suspend fishing activities around the floodgate and sand bar to prevent any accidents.

It was also reported that engagements with community elders and youth groups in Kedzi, who had earlier protested the cutting of the sand bar due to concerns of displacement and adverse effects, were held.

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