Eastern Region records 2,701 new HIV cases in 2023

Eastern Region records 2,701 new HIV cases in 2023
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Mrs Gifty Addo-Tetebo, the Eastern Regional /STI Coordinator of the , revealed that the recorded 2,701 new cases in the year 2023.

The region has been actively engaged in addressing the HIV/AIDS situation, with approximately 18,211 HIV-positive individuals receiving Antiretroviral Therapy (ART).

In 2022, a total of 120,597 people underwent HIV testing, leading to the identification of 5,454 cases.

This included 3,115 adults, 175 pediatric cases, and 2,237 pregnant women with the virus.

Mrs Addo-Tetebo emphasized that stigma and various beliefs contribute to the challenges of promoting preventive practices and encouraging individuals to enrol in ART programs after testing positive.

To enhance accessibility, HIV testing is conducted in all health facilities across the region, and self-test kits are made available.

This approach aims to empower individuals to be aware of their HIV status and take appropriate action.

Mrs Addo-Tetebo stressed the importance of consistent adherence to ART treatment, emphasizing that there is currently no alternative or cure available.

The efforts of health authorities in the Eastern Region reflect a commitment to addressing HIV/AIDS, ensuring testing accessibility, and providing necessary support and treatment to those affected by the virus.

Ongoing education and destigmatization efforts are crucial components of the region's strategy to combat HIV/AIDS.

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