COCOBOD engages media to address challenges and promote cocoa production

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COCOBOD engages media to address challenges and promote cocoa production

The Cocoa Health and Extension Division (CHED) of the Ghana Cocoa Board (), in collaboration with Goshen Global Vision, organized an engagement with media houses across the Western-South Region. The aim was to educate them on 's farmer-friendly interventions and seek their support in addressing challenges facing cocoa production in the region.

Mr. Samuel Osei, the Western-South Manager, expressed concern about the decline in cocoa production in the region, citing factors such as activities, the Cocoa Swollen Shoot Virus Disease, and . He highlighted the loss of cocoa farms to and the impact of smuggling on cocoa production.

Additionally, Mr. Osei emphasized the scarcity of labor due to youth involvement in illegal mining activities and urged the media to help educate the public on the negative effects of such activities. He also outlined COCOBOD's initiatives, including cooperative-led Mass Cocoa Pruning and the provision of foliar fertilizers, to enhance cocoa production.

Mr. Osei called on cocoa farmers to adopt supported interventions such as pruning, fertilizers application, and hand pollination to increase cocoa productivity. He stressed the importance of achieving the target of 300,000 metric tonnes of cocoa production in the region by 2024/2025 through collaborative efforts.

Furthermore, Mr. Osei urged the media to support COCOBOD's Agenda Restoration (AgRes – 300 K!) by educating cocoa farmers about best practices and interventions for improved cocoa production. He emphasized that achieving this target would benefit cocoa farmers and their dependents, ultimately improving livelihoods in the region.

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