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Chiefs’ involvement in vested lands affecting government business- Lands Commission

February 8, 2024
Chiefs' involvement in vested lands affecting government business- Lands Commission
Sunyani Land

Mr Benjamin Jojo Adu-Hanson, the Bono Regional Lands Officer, has voiced concern over the encroachment of chiefs in vested lands, leading to a surge in land disputes and hindering government operations.

In an interview with the (GNA) in , Mr Adu-Hanson emphasized the necessity for vested lands' allocation to be managed by the Lands Commission in the government's best interest. He highlighted issues such as double/multiple land sales, disputes, and litigation, particularly prevalent in Sunyani and its environs, posing challenges to government business.

Sunyani's lands, Mr. Adu-Hanson clarified, are classified as vested lands, managed by the President according to Article 257 of the 1992 Constitution. However, chiefs, as allodial owners, become the de facto beneficial owners.

Traditionally, land allocation in Sunyani has been overseen by the Lands Commission to minimize disputes successfully. Yet, in recent years, chiefs and usufruct families have assumed roles traditionally held by the Commission, resulting in increased conflicts.

Mr Adu-Hanson underscored that Sunyani lands, deemed stool land under traditional authority, have usufruct families and protecting them on behalf of the stool. However, a concerning trend has emerged wherein chiefs and usufruct families sell lands independently, leading to ownership disputes and confusion.

Highlighting a specific instance of conflicting claims over a piece of land, Mr. Adu-Hanson stressed the importance of collaboration among chiefs, usufruct families, and the Lands Commission to address land allocation and management issues effectively.

In light of these challenges, Mr Adu-Hanson urged stakeholders to work together towards a harmonized approach to land allocation and management, facilitating sustainable development and minimizing disputes in the .

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