Akan Wawa Traditional Congress inaugurated to foster development and unity in Kadjebi District

Akan Wawa Traditional Congress inaugurated to foster development and unity in Kadjebi District: Ghana News

The Akan Wawa Traditional Congress, an association of Chiefs and Queen mothers in the District of the Region, has been inaugurated, marking a significant step towards fostering sustainable development and unity in the district.

The Congress, comprising eight traditional areas, including Kadjebi Akan, Asato Akan, Pampawie Amanta, Dapaa Amanta, Ahamansu, Ampeyo, Dodi, and Dodo, introduced its eight-member Executive Body during the inauguration ceremony.

Oderfuo Frempong Ware III serves as Chairman, with Daasebre Oduro Gruanim I as Vice-Chairman, Mr. Jonathan Tetteh as General Secretary, and Nana Amoa Nyarko as Public Relations/Assistant Secretary. The Congress adopted the motto “Nkabom Wↄ Tumi” to guide its activities.

Oderfuo Frempong Ware III, also the of Ampeyo Traditional Area, emphasized the momentous occasion's significance and the commitment of all traditional leaders to sustainable development and unity in the Kadjebi district.

He stated, “Sustainable development is not merely a concept; it is a responsibility we bear towards our community and the environment.” He stressed the need for innovation, environmental stewardship, and social equity in development initiatives.

Mr. Wilson Kwami Agbanyo, Kadjebi District Chief Executive, commended the Association for its initiative to foster unity and development, acknowledging the potential of the traditional leaders to solve problems in the area.

Daasebre Oduro Gruanim I, the Paramount Chief of Dodo Traditional Area and Vice-Chairman of the Congress highlighted their purpose to lobby for developmental projects in the Kadjebi district, regardless of the governing political party.

He emphasized the importance of a united front to achieve their objectives and prevent chieftaincy disputes from escalating.

The eight-member Executive Body, after taking the Oath of Office and Oath of Secrecy administered by Mr. Joseph Evans Anang Okropa, the Nkwanta and Kadjebi District Magistrate, solidified their commitment to the development and unity goals of the Akan Wawa Traditional Congress.

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