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Accra High Court sets trial date for Safina Mohammed Adizatu, accused of killing Canadian boyfriend

March 11, 2024
Accra High Court sets trial date for Safina Mohammed Adizatu, accused of killing Canadian boyfriend

An has scheduled May 9 of this year as the commencement date for the trial of Safina Mohammed Adizatu, who stands accused of the of her Canadian boyfriend, Frank Kofi Osei, in July 2022 at Ashaley Botwe.

During the previous court session, a seven-member jury was empanelled to oversee the proceedings. Safina, also known as Safina Diamond, a student, has pleaded not guilty to the charge of murder before the jury.

Nana Ama Adinkra, a Senior State Attorney, disclosed to the court that the State plans to present nine witnesses to support the murder charge against the accused. The prosecution outlined how the deceased was allegedly chained by Safina under the pretext of engaging in a sexual act known as “kinky,” resulting in his fatal stabbing while defenceless.

The defence counsel urged the jury to remain impartial amidst the circulating rumours. The trial judge emphasized the importance of fairness and justice, urging the jury to uphold these principles.

The tragic incident occurred on Sunday, July 24, 2022, when Frank Kofi Osei, vacationing in Ghana, visited Safina at Ashaley Botwe School Junction in and opted to spend the night with her. Allegedly, Safina and yet-to-be-apprehended accomplices fatally stabbed and strangled Osei during the night.

Reportedly, Safina and her accomplices cleaned the bloodstains while the body remained in the room for 24 hours. Subsequently, Osei's body was transported from the first floor of the building and dumped at the gate of the house where his Toyota Tundra was parked.

Following the discovery of Osei's body, Safina alerted the police, claiming her boyfriend had died in her room. Upon arrival, law enforcement found Osei's body at the gate of Safina's residence, leading to Safina's subsequent arrest.

The upcoming trial will delve into the circumstances surrounding the tragic incident, seeking to establish the truth behind Osei's untimely demise and Safina's alleged involvement in his death.

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