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Accra: Aspiring assemblyman launches Ghetto Hunt Initiative project

December 15, 2023
Ghetto Hunt Initiative project
Aspiring assembly man osu

Ishmael Nii Amartei Telfer, an aspiring assemblyman for Osu Alata Electoral Area, has launched the ‘Ghetto Hunt Initiative' project.

The initiative aims to provide vocational skill training for the youth in the electoral area, focusing on skills such as batik tie-and-dye, shoe-making, dressmaking, tailoring, basket-weaving, and barbering.

This effort is geared towards making the youth self-reliant and empowering them with valuable skills.

In addition to the vocational training, Nii Telfer has also undertaken community development projects, including providing about 50 toilet facilities for households in the electoral area.

He has been actively involved in organizing clean-up exercises to enhance the cleanliness of the community.

Nii Telfer, who is running for the assemblyman position for the second time, emphasized his commitment to improving the standard of living for the people in the community.

He has opened extra classes for basic school pupils, registered over 1,000 people onto the (NHIS) for access to free medical care, and provided private insurance for individuals aged 70 and above.

As part of his campaign, Nii Telfer urged the electorate to vote for him, promising to undertake more projects for the community if elected.

He also called for peace and unity during the upcoming scheduled for December 19.

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