Abandoned Kumasi market sparks protest threats

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Abandoned Kumasi market sparks protest threats

The Central Market Traders and Second Hand Clothes Union have issued a stern warning of a five-day demonstration over the abandoned market project. In a statement released on Monday, April 8, 2024, the Union expressed deep disappointment with the government's handling of the project, which has been left incomplete for an extended period.

Despite assurances from the government regarding the project's completion to facilitate uninterrupted business operations during the evacuation process, construction abruptly halted in December 2022 when the Brazilian Construction Firm terminated all its workers. This abrupt stoppage has left the market structure unfinished, exposing it to deterioration and becoming overrun by weeds and reptiles.

The Union's frustration is compounded by the government's explanations for the project's stall, attributing the delay to the Debt Restructuring Programme. Despite the government receiving funds from the (), progress on the market project remains stagnant.

Traders, now facing challenges in finding alternative spaces for their businesses, are left grappling with the situation. Some have resorted to street vending in the Central Business District to sustain themselves. In response, the Union plans to stage protests and remove barriers from the project site during the demonstration.

Furthermore, the Union is in ongoing discussions with the to secure permission for the demonstration, invoking constitutional provisions. They have also sent a clear message to the government, asserting their refusal to be deceived or exploited, particularly in light of the upcoming December general elections.

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