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71 arrested over attacks on Bepong Chief’s palace and Police Officers

February 6, 2024
71 arrested over attacks on Bepong Chief's palace and Police Officers
The suspects arrested

The police have apprehended 71 suspects in connection with the recent attacks on the Bepong Chief's palace and police officers in Bepong, .

According to a statement signed by Assistant Commissioner of Police Grace Ansah-Akrofi, Director of Public Affairs, the suspects, along with others who are currently evading arrest, launched an assault on the Bepong Chief's Palace on February 4, 2024. The attack resulted in injuries to seven individuals, including five police officers.

The assailants allegedly vandalized one police vehicle, six police motorbikes, and three private vehicles. They also caused damage to sections of the palace and an adjacent building.

Following preliminary investigations and the screening of suspects, 40 individuals identified as having played various roles in the attacks and linked to available evidence have been detained to aid further investigation.

The statement elaborated that the police officers came under attack at the palace after they were summoned on February 4, 2024, to take custody of a suspect, Kwasi Nyarko, apprehended by community members. Nyarko had been brought to the Bepong Chief's Palace pending police arrival.

Upon hearing about Nyarko's arrest, community members, including those in police custody, allegedly converged on the palace with the intent to lynch him. When the police intervened to prevent the lynching, they were met with aggression, including the hurling of stones and other objects.

Police reinforcements were dispatched, eventually restoring order and bringing the situation under control.

The statement concluded by affirming that all suspects would be presented before court to face justice for their alleged involvement in the attacks.

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