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Wa East: Residents of Kalaahi seek assistance for potable water at local health facility

October 14, 2023
Wa East: Residents of Kalaahi seek assistance for potable water at local health facility
Portable Water

Residents of Kalaahi, a community in the East District, have appealed to individuals, organizations, and the government to assist in providing a reliable source of clean water for the local health facility.

The Community-based Health Planning and Services () compound in the community is unable to operate effectively due to the lack of access to potable water.

The District Health Directorate recently commissioned the CHPS facility on July 11, 2023, as an initiative to improve timely access to primary healthcare services, particularly maternal health and skilled delivery.

However, Mr. Ibrahim Saantii, a resident, highlighted that the absence of a reliable water source at the facility hinders service delivery to the community.

Despite the presence of three boreholes in the community, none of them are functional, leaving the residents to rely on wells and streams for their water needs.

This poses a significant challenge for the health facility, as Mr. Saantii emphasized, “The clinic is open now and a nurse is here, but if there is no water, how will the nurse operate? All the boreholes here, none of them is working.”

The situation worsens during the dry season when access to clean water becomes even more limited, forcing the community to resort to using “dirty water” from wells and streams.

Mr Saantii pleaded with the community to provide at least one functional borehole for the CHPS compound to ensure proper healthcare service delivery.

Despite continuous appeals to successive governments and the Wa East District Assembly, the community's water crisis remains unresolved.

Mr. Saantii expressed hope that a compassionate or individual would come to their aid, stating, “The issue of water is our main challenge, and any kind-hearted NGO or person should come to our aid.”

In addition to the water problem, residents also raised concerns about the poor state of the roads in the area, which adversely affects economic activities and social life.

Mr Michael Juassa urged the Wa East District Chief Executive (DCE), Dr Ewurah S. K. Mahama, to fulfil his promise of providing a motorbike for the facility to enhance the mobility of health staff during emergencies.

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