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US/Ghana Alumni Association empowers women in mining communities

US/Ghana Alumni Association empowers women in mining communities
US Ghana Women Empowerment

The /Ghana Alumni Association (USGHAA) has conducted a hands-on skills training program for selected women in , aiming to enhance their livelihoods and economic independence.

The training, part of the Association's Programme, aims to prevent women from falling prey to exploitation by men in their communities.

Approximately 50 participants from communities within the Obuasi municipality were educated on safety procedures, and production stages, and given practical demonstrations.

They were organized into groups to learn the production of items such as liquid soap, shower gel, and after .

Mr Ken Afedzi, the Public Relations Secretary of USGHAA, explained that aside from the environmental impact, ‘galamsey' activities also adversely affect the social dynamics of the affected communities.

He emphasized that women and girls in these communities are often exploited by men offering financial enticements. Therefore, empowering women with valuable skills becomes crucial in promoting self-reliance and preventing abuse.

The USGHAA implements various projects, including leadership training, literacy initiatives, and the establishment of ‘LiTT' clubs in selected Senior High Schools across the country to bring about positive changes in communities.

Ms Louisa Amoah, a facilitator at the training, highlighted the profitability of starting a liquid soap production business with as little as GH¢ 90.

She encouraged participants to capitalize on the knowledge gained to improve their livelihoods.

One participant, Madam Elizabeth Assah, expressed her gratitude for the opportunity, stating that as a widow, the training provides an additional means to generate adequate funds to support her family.

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