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Tragedy strikes Liberia as gas tanker explosion claims 40 lives

December 28, 2023
Liberia as gas tanker explosion

At least 40 lives have been lost in the wake of a gas tanker explosion in north-central . Chief Medical Officer Francis Kateh confirmed the tragic toll on Wednesday, shedding light on the aftermath of the horrifying event.

The catastrophe unfolded late on Tuesday when a fuel truck collided in Totota, Lower Bong County, leading to a subsequent explosion that proved fatal for many bystanders who had gathered at the scene.

The sheer intensity of the blast resulted in numerous casualties, with both fatalities and injuries reported.

As emergency responders grapple with the aftermath, dozens of individuals remain hospitalized, grappling with severe burns sustained during the explosion.

Francis Kateh addressed the media, acknowledging the grim reality that the death toll might escalate further as the situation unfolds.

Sub-Saharan Africa has long struggled with road safety challenges and inadequate infrastructure, culminating in a region that holds the unfortunate title of the world's deadliest for road accidents.

According to figures, the fatality rate in Sub-Saharan Africa is three times higher than the European average, underscoring the urgent need for enhanced safety measures in the region.

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