SUICIDE: Shock and fear grip Vui residents as man takes his own life

Shock and fear grip Vui residents as man takes his own life

Residents of Vui, a suburb in the Municipality of the , are reeling from shock and fear following the tragic suicide of a man believed to be in his 50s.

The lifeless body of Mr. Doe Setoafia was discovered hanging from a rope tied to the roofing beam in his kitchen on Friday, September 29.

The heartbreaking incident unfolded in the early hours of Friday, around 02:30 AM, leaving the community in disbelief. Mr. Bright Atsitsogbui, an eyewitness, expressed his sorrow, saying, “He was a humble and calm person.”

Mr. Fiator Doe, a brother of the deceased, shared that Mr. Setoafia was married and had four daughters. There were no apparent signs of unusual behaviour or leading up to this tragic event.

The local authorities were alerted, and the Keta Municipal Hospital Morgue has received the body, pending an autopsy. As of now, the Keta Police have not provided any official comments on the matter, leaving the community in mourning and searching for answers.

Reporting by Evans Worlanyo Ameamu; Editing by Dennis Gyamfi

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