Police arrest fake military officer in Nkwanta South

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Police arrest fake military officer in Nkwanta South
Abdul Majeed

The Municipal Police have apprehended Abdul Majeed, a 27-year-old man, for impersonating a military officer in the area.

Reports indicate that the suspect utilized the fake identity of a soldier to patronize a local chop bar in town. After enjoying the services of a commercial motorbike rider (okada), he allegedly refused to pay for the service rendered.

Instead, Majeed instructed the motorbike rider to transport him back to his residence under the pretence of retrieving money to settle the fare. However, upon arrival, he declined to compensate the rider and resorted to using his fake military status to intimidate him, resulting in a physical altercation between them.

Upon interrogation by military personnel in the area, it was discovered that Majeed had no affiliation with the . He had reportedly been exploiting his false identity to command respect and wield authority within the community.

In response to his deception, Majeed was subjected to military drills as part of his punishment. Subsequently, he was handed over to the police for further investigation and prosecution. He currently faces charges of impersonation and fraud.

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