Soldier arrested for pillion rider’s death


The has granted GH¢50,000.00 bail with two sureties to a soldier accused of causing the death of his passenger by operating an unregistered motorcycle without a license.

Private Isaac Ayamga Adongo, who was arraigned on a bench warrant, was charged with careless and inconsiderate riding, negligently causing harm to a pillion rider, riding a motorcycle without a licence, using a motorcycle without insurance, using a motorcycle without roadworthiness, using an unregistered motorcycle, and failing to report an .

Adongo's pleas were not taken. He was ordered to make his next appearance before the court on June 27, 2024.

Police Sergeant Sandra Amakye, who stood in for Police Chief Inspector Achana Apewah told the court that Adongo is a private soldier at the 64 Infantry Regiment, Burma Camp .

She said that on September 10, 2023, at around 0200 hours, the accused, who did not have a license, rode an unregistered Haojue motorcycle from Kantamanto to Nungua with Augustine Ayinbila, 28, riding a pillion.

Sergeant Amakye said that when Adongo got to a section of the road at the Airport By-Pass, he grazed the median pavement, and both fell from the motorcycle and sustained injuries but did not seek medical attention.

The prosecution said the accused also failed to report the accident to police, and the whereabouts of the motorcycle was known to them.
The Court heard that on the same day, at 1100 hours, the accused rushed the pillion rider, Ayinbila, to the LEKMA Hospital for treatment, but he was pronounced dead by the Medical Officers on duty

Sergeant Amakye told the Court that a post-mortem report from the Police Hospital on September 19, 2023, indicated that the cause of death was severe head injuries, blunt trauma, and RTA as a pillion rider.

During the investigation, it turned out that the accused had been riding without a license, insurance, or a roadworthy certificate.

The prosecution informed the Court that the accused was charged provisionally to appear before Court.

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