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Nana Kwame Bediako reveals the surprising reason why New Force chose Belgian Shalimar Abbuisi as spokesperson

January 12, 2024
Shalimar Abbuisi
Ms Shalimar Abbuisi

In a recent interview, , widely known as Cheddar and the leader of the emerging New Force political movement, shed light on his decision to appoint a Belgian, Ms. Shalimar Abbuisi, as the group's spokesperson.

He explained that the move came after numerous attempts to engage Ghanaians for the role were met with reluctance and fear for personal safety.

Cheddar expressed, “At the beginning of with the mask and everything, we have been speaking to people, so many people to join us. But today, I want to tell the nation that we tried so many people to be the spokesperson, but they were all scared and didn't want to use their faces.”

Highlighting concerns about anonymity and reluctance to appear publicly, Cheddar unveiled the challenges of finding a suitable spokesperson within the Ghanaian community. This decision underscores the delicate nature of political involvement and public representation for individuals associated with the New Force movement.

However, controversy surrounds Ms , the chosen spokesperson, as Cheddar criticized the for its alleged failure to provide documents supporting claims of forged documents. He stated, “The Ghana Immigration Service could not provide the forged documents of Shalimar Abbiusi.”

Moreover, Cheddar revealed that his presidential ambition, which led to the creation of the New Force political party, stemmed from a divine calling. He shared, “My ambition to run for the presidency started with a dream. The dream led to the creation of a political party.”

The background to this unfolding narrative involves the deportation of Shalimar Abbiusi to on December 20, 2023. The move sparked accusations of unfair treatment and human rights violations after the state dropped charges of obtaining a student permit with a false declaration on December 19, 2023, and subsequently rearrested her. Abbiusi's lawyers accused the Ghana Immigration Service of using deportation to withdraw the charges.

Cheddar made his public debut as the driving force behind New Force on January 8, 2024. Originally planning to unveil himself during a scheduled lecture, he chose to unmask prematurely due to a last-minute denial of access to the Black Star Square, resulting in the event's cancellation. The unfolding events surrounding the New Force movement continue to raise questions and generate public interest in the political landscape of Ghana.

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