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Kasoa residents issue ultimatum for urgent drainage system construction

November 29, 2023
Fix the Kasoa Highway

Residents of , a bustling town in the of Ghana, have issued a two-week ultimatum to the government, demanding immediate action for the construction of a drainage system over the tollbooth and its surrounding areas.

This call arises from growing concerns about the deteriorating condition of local roads, significantly impacting businesses and the overall well-being of the community.

Samuel Addo, a prominent organizer of the “Fix the Kasoa Highway” campaign, expressed the frustration of the residents during a press conference held on Tuesday.

Despite previous assurances from the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) that efforts were underway to address the road issues, the residents claim that the government has ignored their plea.

“Even though we gave the government a two-week ultimatum to respond to how it intends to tackle the situation, there has rather been a loud silence despite assurance from the MCE that work was ongoing to fix the road,” remarked Samuel Addo.

The absence of the Kasoa Highway from the list of roads earmarked for improvement in the 2024 budget and economic policy has intensified residents' concerns.

The deteriorating road conditions have resulted in catastrophic traffic congestion during rainfall, accompanied by the deposition of substantial debris.

Mr. Addo emphasized that the community's hope for a solution is fading, and the lack of government response in the budget announcement has deepened their apprehensions.

He stated, “We shall never relent on our genuine demands for better lives as responsible citizens of this great nation of ours. We are therefore giving the government a week's ultimatum to see if something concrete will be done. Failure on the part of the government to attend to this issue we will have no option than to engage in a series of demonstrations.”

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