IGP Dr George Akuffo Dampare commended for swift action against armed robberies in Ketu North

George Akuffo Dampare
Dr George Akuffo Dampare

In a heartfelt letter addressed to Inspector General of Police (IGP) Dr George Akuffo Dampare, Evans Mawunyo Tsikata expresses deep gratitude for the IGP's prompt response and dedicated efforts in addressing the alarming rise of armed robberies in and around Ketu North.

The letter, dated November 24, 2023, acknowledges the IGP's swift acknowledgement of the situation, emphasizing the speed and effectiveness with which Dr Dampare responded to the concerns raised by the community.

The IGP's immediate action, including a personal call to victims and a directive for the Regional Commander to assess the security conditions in Ketu North, left a profound impact on the community.

The letter details the timeline of events, starting with the report on Myjoyonline on November 22, 2023, and highlights the IGP's call to the Ketu North Municipality on November 23, expressing sympathy and promising accountability for those responsible.

The subsequent visit by DCOP Mr Andrews Boadu-Ekumah, the Regional Commander, demonstrated the IGP's commitment to ensuring the safety and security of residents.

Tsikata commends the increased police presence and patrols in the affected areas, providing a sense of relief and enhanced safety for the local population.

The collaborative efforts with stakeholders and the community reflect the IGP's dedication to creating a united front against crime.

The letter applauds the actions taken by police task forces, proactive measures to gather intelligence, and recent arrests as positive developments.

The IGP's strategic leadership and creative solutions demonstrate a commitment to overcoming the challenges posed by armed robberies.

Tsikata expresses gratitude for the IGP's community engagement initiatives, emphasizing the importance of building trust and promoting shared responsibility for safety.

The town hall gatherings and instructional programs showcase the police force's proactive approach to community-focused law enforcement.

In conclusion, Tsikata extends his heartfelt thanks to IGP Dr George Akuffo Dampare and the entire police team for their unwavering commitment and tireless efforts in ensuring the safety of the community.

The letter concludes with well-wishes for the IGP's continued success in his crucial role.

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