I am attuned to the hardships – Nigeria President Tinubu announces amid labour unrest

I am attuned to the hardships - Nigeria President Tinubu announces amid labour unrest
Bola Tinubu, President of Nigeria. Photo: Reuters

's government has taken steps to avert an imminent nationwide strike by announcing temporary wage increases for public sector employees, income subsidies for poor households, and a pause in the value-added tax on diesel.

These measures come in response to ongoing labour unrest and negotiations.

Nigerian President revealed that government workers would receive an additional 25,000 naira ($32) per month for the next six months.

This wage hike, although smaller than the 200,000 naira initially demanded by labour unions, is intended to help curb rising double-digit inflation. As a result, the lowest-paid government employees will see their monthly income rise from 30,000 naira to 55,000 naira.

Additionally, impoverished households will receive a monthly subsidy of 25,000 naira for three months. The government has also temporarily suspended the value-added tax on diesel for the same period.

The fate of these proposals now rests with the labour unions, which will present them to their affiliates for consideration. A decision to continue or suspend the planned strike is expected following these consultations.

President Tinubu, during a national broadcast marking Nigeria's 63rd year of independence, defended recent economic reforms aimed at putting the nation's largest economy on a path to recovery.

These reforms include the removal of long-standing fuel subsidies and the elimination of foreign exchange restrictions, which have contributed to a significant increase in the cost of living.

The government has also announced plans to introduce mass transit buses running on compressed natural gas as part of its broader efforts to address economic challenges and alleviate public concerns.

The labour unions' response to these government measures will determine whether the impending nationwide strike is averted or proceeds as planned.

Reporting by Felix Onuah; Editing by Dennis Gyamfi

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