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Huawei urges collaborative efforts for Africa’s 5G prosperity at AfricaCom summit

December 1, 2023
Huawei holds Africa 5G Summit at Africacom
Huawei holds Africa 5G Summit at Africacom

Mr. Richard Liu, President of Global Carrier Marketing & Solution Sales Dept of Huawei, emphasized the importance of continuous localized innovation in Africa and urged industry stakeholders to work collaboratively towards building a digital Africa through the deployment of 5G technology.

Speaking at a summit hosted by Huawei during AfricaCom, the continent's largest technology conference, Mr. Liu addressed the audience on the topic, “Dream Africa's 5G Prosperity, Build an Inclusive Digital Cornerstone.”

The event, themed “5G Lights Up Africa Together Towards Business Success,” explored topics such as the continuous development of value-added networks for 5G, enhancing the 5G network experience, accelerating fixed wireless access (FWA) industry development, and achieving 5G business success.

Mr. Liu highlighted the transformative capabilities of 5G networks, noting that they accelerate the development of the ICT industry, stimulate innovation, and bring about significant societal changes.

He stressed the need for a united effort to realize Africa's 5G prosperity dream and proposed three inclusive innovations: inclusive ecosystems, inclusive services, and inclusive networks.

To achieve these innovations, Mr. Liu recommended maturing the 5G terminal ecosystem, developing FWA services, and building a 4G/5G synergy network as the foundation of a digital Africa.

He drew attention to the success achieved by global operators with a firm 5G strategy and suggested replicating such strategies in Africa.

Madam Thabisa Faye, Director and Chairman of the 5G Council Committee of the Independent Communications Authority of (ICASA), emphasized the potential job creation impact of the mobile industry, estimating 3.6 million jobs that could be derived directly or indirectly from the sector.

Mr. Zoltan Miklos, General Manager of Access and Architecture at MTN South Africa, described 5G as a key strength to overcome macro and industry challenges, outlining MTN South Africa's commitment to adopting digital solutions, building the best 5G network, and providing an excellent user experience.

Mr. James Langat, Director of Regional Network Implementation and Operations at Safaricom, spoke about Safaricom's wireless home broadband strategy and the opportunities presented by 5G, emphasizing the delivery of 5G mobile broadband to users.

Mr. Abdul Malik Ahmed, Senior Manager of the Fixed Broadband Marketing Dept of MTN , shared MTN Nigeria's “Own THE HOME” wireless home broadband strategy, focusing on Fixed-wireless Access (FWA)/FTTx technologies and future network construction plans.

He highlighted FWA as the main driving force for home broadband growth and reiterated MTN Nigeria's commitment to enabling Nigeria's future digital transformation through 5G.

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