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Ghana Water Company Limited dismisses claims on ‘One Drop’ chemical importation

February 3, 2024
Ghana Water Company Limited dismisses claims on 'One Drop' chemical importation
Sam George

The (GWCL) has strongly refuted recent allegations made by Mr , Member of for Ningo Prampram, regarding the purported importation of a chemical named ‘One Drop' for water treatment. The company issued a comprehensive statement to address and clarify the concerns raised by the parliamentarian.

According to GWCL, it has not replaced the traditional water treatment chemical chlorine with ‘One Drop,' and there is no existing contract for the supply of this product. The statement emphasized that the company continues to use chlorine-based disinfectants, including chlorine gas, calcium hypochlorite granules, and chlorine tablets, which are readily available at its treatment plants and warehouses.

In response to Mr. Sam George's claims, GWCL highlighted its commitment to transparency and adherence to established regulatory processes. The decision-making process for adopting new water treatment technologies involves consultations with relevant regulatory bodies such as the , , and the .

The company asserted that any such decisions are communicated transparently to the public. This detailed clarification aims to dispel any misinformation and reaffirm GWCL's commitment to maintaining the highest standards in its water treatment processes.

The statement pointed out that the procurement of disinfectants follows internal procedures, requiring either a positive evaluation report for sole sourcing or the advertisement of competitive tendering processes. GWCL clarified that, in this specific case, no contract has been awarded for the supply of ‘One Drop' disinfectant for water treatment.

The company underscored its dedication to providing safe, clean, and potable water to the citizens of Ghana while upholding principles of transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance.

GWCL called on all stakeholders to refrain from spreading unfounded allegations that could potentially undermine public trust and integrity in the company's operations. The statement concluded by expressing the company's openness to constructive dialogue and collaboration with all stakeholders to collectively improve water quality and accessibility in Ghana.

It urged Members of Parliament and the public to rely on officially confirmed information from GWCL and relevant government agencies to avoid the dissemination of inaccurate information.

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