Ghana Water Company launches dredging exercise to boost water supply

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Ghana Water Company launches dredging exercise to boost water supply: Ghana News

The Ghana Water Company has initiated extensive dredging exercises at the Daboase intake points in the Wassa East District of the to enhance water supply.

This move aims to augment the inflow of raw water for treatment and subsequent distribution to homes.

Nana Yaw Barima Barnie, the Public Relations Manager of the Ghana Water Company, explained that the Anankware River level at Inchaban in the Shama District was decreasing, impacting the water available for treatment.

Factors such as the harmattan season and (galamsey) have contributed to the ongoing water challenges in the .

Barnie acknowledged the government's commitment to addressing the issue, stating, “The government had secured some capital for retooling and major development works at the Daboase intake, which would provide an additional 22 million gallons of water every day, come 2025, to completely resolve the water challenge.”

Currently treating six million gallons daily, the Daboase intake lacks a designated dam for water storage. The proposed solution involves constructing an embankment-river rump to store a substantial amount of water, ensuring treatment even during the dry season.

Addressing concerns about water quality and customer complaints, Nana Barnie assured the public that the company could effectively clean and purify intake water, regardless of its initial condition.

The dredging efforts are expected to raise water levels, subsequently increasing production and supply.

The Pra River serves as the primary source of raw water for the Daboase Treatment Plant.

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