Mother burns 4-year-old daughter in hot water over missing sandals

Mother burns 4-year-old daughter in hot water over missing sandals

A 29-year-old nursing mother has allegedly burnt the lower part of her four-year-old daughter by dunking her in hot water.

The incident is said to have happened on Monday, August 1, at Oforikurom, a town near Samreboi in the Wassa Amenfi West Municipality.

Azure Suleman said the mother had initially asked the pre-schooler to look for the item.

When the child failed to find it, the woman in a rage boiled water and dunked the four-year-old in it.

But the suspect, in her defence, said she did not intentionally dunk her daughter in the hot water as punishment.

According to her, she noticed that her child's private part was sore.

She had reportedly heard rumours that the child had been assaulted and decided to boil water to treat it.

However, the assemblyman is sceptical about the explanation as residents also challenged her justification.

The nursing woman has since been arrested and arraigned before the court.

According to the police, she has been granted bail because she is a nursing mother of a one-year-old baby.

The court also ordered the child to be referred to the  for treatment.

But the woman has yet to take the victim to the health facility, per's recent checks.

Meanwhile, the four-year-old girl is unable to walk as the effect of the hot water is severe on her.

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