Builsa North MCE urges government to renovate Sandema Hospital

Builsa North MCE urges government to renovate Sandema Hospital: Ghana News

Madam Vida Akantagriwen Anaab, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) for , has echoed the calls of residents in the area for the government to urgently renovate the Sandema Hospital.

The 93-year-old facility, which serves as the sole referral center for the entire Builsa area, is in dire need of repair.

Madam Anaab, a retired Midwife and former staff of the hospital, appealed during a Regional Inter-sectorial meeting organized by the Regional Coordinating Council (RCC) in .

The meeting brought together Heads of Departments and Agencies in the region to discuss critical issues in various sectors.

She expressed deep concern about the hospital's deteriorating condition, highlighting issues like a leaking roof and visible cracks in walls. “The entire facility leaks terribly when it rains. The hospital needs help,” she emphasized.

Despite previous reports from the in Sandema about the hospital's plight, there has been no support for its renovation.

The Sandema Hospital serves not only the Builsa area but also receives medical and surgical cases from neighboring regions.

Established in 1930 to cater to residents' health needs, the hospital was upgraded to a Health Centre in 1970 and later to a District Hospital in 1992. However, it has not undergone any renovation to date.

Madam Anaab called on stakeholders, including government, Non-Governmental Organizations, philanthropists, and traditional leaders, to collaborate and support the renovation of the hospital.

She also highlighted the importance of maintaining the facility, especially since the Builsa North Municipality was not included in the ‘' project initiated by the government to construct hospitals across districts in need.

The plea from Madam Anaab reflects the urgent need to address the deteriorating state of healthcare infrastructure in the region and ensure the delivery of effective health services to the local population.

Reporting by Godfred A. Polkuu: Editing by Adewale Adejoke

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