Baffoe Ameyaw emphasizes socio-economic development for community wellbeing

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Baffoe Ameyaw emphasizes socio-economic development for community wellbeing: Ghana News
Mr. Isaac Baffoe Ameyaw, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Kintampo North | Photo: Ghana Web

Mr. Isaac Baffoe Ameyaw, the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Kintampo North, has emphasized the critical role of in enhancing the well-being of the local population.

He highlighted the importance of providing essential amenities and infrastructure, such as schools, hospitals, markets, and roads, to enable economic activities that can uplift living conditions.

Mr. Ameyaw discussed the significance of these developmental projects in the region during an with the Ghana Agency (GNA) in Kintampo.

He revealed that the government was collaborating with the assembly to implement various initiatives for the community.

Additionally, the Assembly has provided skill training programs for the youth to promote employment and income generation.

Efforts have been made to encourage youth engagement in agriculture, with the distribution of over 2,053 liters of agrochemicals to 587 farmers during the season. Furthermore, 1,150 livestock (goats) were distributed to 79 farmers in the area.

The Assembly has initiated construction projects, including the development of three-unit classroom blocks for the Kurawurakura and Dawadawa communities.

A six-unit classroom block is being constructed at New Longoro Seventh Day Adventist Junior High School. In addition, 500 dual desks and 70 ' tables have been provided to schools across the municipality.

Financial support has also been offered to academically gifted but financially challenged students.

To enhance sanitation in the area, Mr. Ameyaw led efforts to clear seven dumping sites and organized clean-up exercises to unclog gutters in communities like Sawaba and Mo Line.

The MCE highlighted the importance of security and revealed collaborative efforts with security agencies to bolster security in the area.

Additionally, meetings have been scheduled with Fulani herders, crop farmers, and assembly members to address issues that could impact or maintain peace in the region.

Recognizing the significance of healthcare, the Assembly has constructed several Community-based Health Planning Services () compounds across various communities, providing primary healthcare services.

Plans are underway to acquire a polyclinic to further improve healthcare access for residents.

Furthermore, the Assembly, in collaboration with its partners, has improved major roads in the Municipality to facilitate the movement of people and goods, ultimately contributing to socio-economic development.

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