Awutu Senya West MP Gizella Tetteh calls for revival of familial system to nurture responsible children

Gizella Akushika Tetteh-Agbotu, the Member of for Awutu Senya West, has urged Ghanaians to revive the familial system where children are nurtured and guided by well-meaning members of their communities.

Speaking at the 2023 Annual Conference of the Lajna Ima'illah Ghana, she emphasized the positive impact of collective child-rearing and its contribution to a peaceful society.

Ms Tetteh-Agbotu highlighted the value of diverse resources, both material and moral, that children gain when multiple family members are involved in their upbringing.

This comprehensive support system nurtures children into becoming valuable assets to their communities, the nation, and the world. She urged a return to these values, emphasizing the need for a non-aggressive approach.

Expressing concern about the influence of social vices on children, such as drug abuse, theft, gambling, and pre-marital sexual activities, the MP suggested that a communal approach could rehabilitate delinquent children and transform them into agents of positive change and societal development.

She called on responsible adults to invest in raising responsible children within their communities.

Naakye Tetewaa II, Nkatasiahemaa of the Awutu Traditional Area, echoed the importance of family involvement in child development.

She stressed that parents hold the primary responsibility for their children's welfare and moral upbringing. She encouraged parents to be vigilant and take a keen interest in their children's lives, particularly during the critical teenage years.

Naakye Tetewaa II also advised parents to consider shared sleeping arrangements, prioritizing the proximity and monitoring of their children's activities.

The conference provided an opportunity for Lajna Ima'illah Ghana to reflect on their past year's activities and strategize for the future.

Additionally, participants engaged in sporting activities across the Ekwamkrom, Pomadze, and Senya circuits of Lajna Ima'illah.

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