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Asante Akim North addresses pragia fare increases

January 18, 2024
Francis Oti Boateng is the Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Asante Akim North.
Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) of Asante Akim North Francis Oti Boateng. December 2022

The Asante Akim North Municipal Assembly has issued an immediate press release addressing the recent increase and review of prices in the operation of Rickshaws, commonly known as Pragia.

The Assembly emphasized the need for coordinated efforts to ensure transport infrastructure and services meet user needs while maximizing benefits derived from investments by the government and the private sector.

In the press release, the Assembly conveyed the following key points to the general public and Rickshaw operators:

  1. No Association has contacted the Assembly for a review of transport fares.
  2. The fuel situation in the country has not increased, and therefore, transport fares cannot be increased.
  3. The Assembly only recognizes one Rickshaw Association, namely, Agogo Pragia Riders Association (A.P.R.A).
  4. The of GTUC has no mandate to form and register without the prior request from their Branch Chairman, recommended by a Charter of Operation from their National Executive Council before approval by the Municipal Assembly.
  5. No Association can operate within the Municipality without permission from the Assembly.
  6. Any Rickshaw owner registered with any Association aside from A.P.R.A is deemed illegal and must not pay any funds, as it is considered illegal.
  7. Starting from February 1, 2024, all Rickshaw owners/riders without legitimate stickers (AANMA and APRA) affixed on their machines will be deemed not roadworthy in the Municipality.
  8. There has been no increase in transport fares, and all Rickshaw/riders owners should refrain from increasing fares.

The press release was signed by Asamoah Damoah, the Municipal Coordinating Director.

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