Alan Kyerematen unveils agricultural vision ahead of 2024 elections

Alan Kyerematen unveils agricultural vision ahead of 2024 elections
Alan Kyerematen

Alan Kwadwo Kyerematen, an independent presidential aspirant, has articulated his vision for the agricultural sector ahead of the 2024 elections, promising significant support and incentives for farmers if elected.

Kyerematen pledged to provide farmers with access to financing to enhance agricultural production, ensuring that produce does not go to waste at farm gates due to transportation challenges. He emphasized his commitment to reducing transportation and logistics costs to facilitate the efficient movement of agricultural goods.

Furthermore, Kyerematen vowed to implement measures to improve irrigation systems, recognizing the importance of adequate water supply for agricultural productivity. He highlighted the need for a revamped agricultural financing scheme, stating that lending rates above 9% are unsustainable for the sector's growth.

In an interview on The Point of View on Citi TV, Kyerematen emphasized the critical role of affordable agricultural financing in boosting productivity. He underscored the necessity of reducing distribution and transport costs to enhance the distribution and marketing regime in the agricultural sector.

Kyerematen's agricultural vision reflects his commitment to addressing key challenges faced by farmers and promoting sustainable agricultural development in Ghana. If elected, he aims to implement policies and initiatives that will empower farmers and contribute to the growth and prosperity of the agricultural sector.

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