Fisherfolks in the Volta Region decry insufficient premix fuel, plead for assistance

Fisherfolks in the Volta Region decry insufficient premix fuel, plead for assistance
Volta Keta beach

Fisherfolks along the coastal belt of the are expressing concerns over the inadequacy of premix fuel, a situation that is hampering their fishing activities and resulting in reduced productivity.

Mr. Seth Agbokede, Chief Fisherman at Dzelukope in , revealed that the last supply of premix fuel was in early November, which was insufficient to sustain their work.

The shortage of premix fuel has compelled some fishermen to resort to using a mixture of petrol and engine oil, citing the high cost of this alternative fuel for their outboard motors.

For the past three weeks, fisherfolk have been purchasing a gallon of petrol and engine oil for Gh₵400 and Gh₵100, respectively, an expense that lasts only a couple of days.

With the approaching Yuletide season, the fishermen are facing a dilemma as they need to prepare for festivities.

Mr Agbokede has called on corporate organizations, individuals, and the government to intervene by providing premix fuel to support fishermen along the coastal belt and enhance their productivity during the season.

While making this plea, he also emphasized the need for fishermen to adopt sustainable and legal fishing methods to avoid any punitive measures from the authorities.

Other fishermen echoed similar concerns during interactions with the (GNA).

The GNA's visit to shores in Keta, Adzido, Anloga, and surrounding communities revealed a notable harvest by fishermen gearing up for the festive season.

The appeal from the fisherfolk highlights the urgency of addressing the premix fuel shortage to ensure the livelihoods of those dependent on fishing and to meet the demand for fish during the festive period.

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